What Types of Events Do Organizations for Women in San Antonio, TX Host?

Discover what types of events are hosted by women organizations in San Antonio TX. From free events at Geekdom to monthly meetings at the Garden Center.

What Types of Events Do Organizations for Women in San Antonio, TX Host?

Women Founder Network is hosting a free event on Friday at Geekdom.

Babe on Bikes

is an all-female cycling group that meets every Wednesday night and organizes workshops and events. You can also check out their mixed group, Zombie Bicycle Club, which meets every Monday night. Sal began his career in 1995 for the ABC subsidiary in Lubbock and has since covered many high-profile news events.STORM is a volunteer-led, mixed nonprofit organization that is committed to building, maintaining, and advocating for more trails throughout the San Antonio area.

Whether you're new to SATX or have lived in Alamo City for more than 20 years, it's never too late to pursue a hobby and make new friends. SAN ANTONIO — There's a new networking group in San Antonio dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs. The San Antonio Audubon Society has a mission to raise awareness about the protection, preservation, and spread of all wildlife (especially birds) and their habitat.It is a nonprofit, voluntary, self-sufficient organization that plans, promotes, coordinates and preserves the Fiesta San Antonio by supporting its participating member organizations to organize an annual celebration of a safe, educational and diverse heritage, culture, and spirit of San Antonio for its residents and visitors. Beyond her professional and academic efforts, Lina advocates for community entrepreneurship as the founder and president of Emerge and Rise, San Antonio's leading nonprofit business incubator dedicated to improving underserved communities.

The group will host its second free event for women entrepreneurs on Friday and will focus on funding and funding. Where women make meaningful connections with other women to share ideas, collaborate, mentor each other and offer support.Every third Wednesday of every month, monthly meetings are held at the San Antonio Garden Center, located at 3310 N. As a dynamic force that drove Atlas Start, a consulting firm with a presence in both San Antonio and New York, it has helped countless small and medium-sized organizations to realize their visions. Lina Rugova, based in San Antonio, has more than a decade of experience in business consulting, covering strategic planning, digital transformation and brand development.

Organized by the San Antonio Public Library, this group invites all seamstresses, embroiderers or threaders to meet once a month at the Potranco Library.The San Antonio SSC offers a variety of leagues including sand volleyball, basketball, kickball, cornhole, soccer, and softball.

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